Sunday, 1 June 2014

Visit to Naganatheshwara Temple

Having attended a housewarming ceremony at Sarjapur Road, my friend, with his new found interest in temple architecture asked me if could join him on a visit to the Naganatheshwara Temple on Begur Road, off Hosur Road.  I tagged along.  After a winding drive on Begur Road, just right off Hosur Road (about 1 km after ORR junction), and few confused stops later, we arrived at the temple adjoining the Begur Lake.  Since we arrived in the afternoon, the temple was closed, and we had to content ourselves by viewing the architecture from the outside.  Construction material was in place, as the temple management has decided to build four gopuras - one in each direction of the main sanctum.  A few stragglers were lazing about in the shade of the sanctum, and a couple was utilising the temple off-time for 'catch-up'.  We circled the sanctum, taking in the architecture, with my friend educating me all the while about the construction and its meaning.  We could make out huge stone blocks with intricate carvings, joined together to form the gopuras.  Said to be 1300 years old - on of the oldest temples of Bangalore - it was constructed by the Cholas.  The five Shivlingas are said to grant specific wishes - to do with health, children, material benefits, etc.  A few pictures of the site that I took are given below.  If you are planning a trip, start early, and be prepared for traffic jams on Begur Road, as the road is very narrow.   

Side view of inner sanctum
Nandi in front of the main shrine
The original gopura
Small shrine on the side
Twin gopuras of the sanctum
Sketch depicting the five Shivlingas

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