Friday, 12 June 2015

Nobody raped Aruna

Finally the ordeal is over.  After 42 years.  Imagine being bed-bound for four decades, your every basic need looked after by others.  That's what Aruna Shanbaug had to go through in the KEM Hospital in Mumbai.   

The man who put her in that position, has led an anonymous existence until now.  It is only after her death that TV news journalists have ferreted out information about his whereabouts.  After this, if news reports are to be believed, he has been dismissed from work.  He is planning to change his place of residence.  

Why did this man - if he is indeed the rapist - see the light of the day?  Why was he not kept in prison forever?  Why was he able to live incognito, as though nothing has happened?  What does one have to do to get timely justice in this land?

TV interviews of people who lived with him, employed him, and were his neighbours all these years, suggest that they did nothing even though they knew who he was.  In fact, one of the women stated in the interview that he was a true 'bhala aadmi' - a good man.  Really?  Then you can keep him, lady.  Just make sure he never gets out.

Sorry Aruna, everybody is in denial.  Apparently he is a very good man.  Incapable of such crime.  We can only conclude that nobody raped you.  It was your fault that you ended up in a vegetative state for all these years.

Nevertheless, kudos, sisters of KEM hospital for looking after Aruna so well for so long.

RIP Aruna.  You deserve the rest.

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