Friday, 26 February 2016

Green tops and partisan crowds

I am now convinced.

The Bangladeshis are trying desperately to see us lose a match.

The suspicions were raised when for the Under 20 World Cup final match, they provided a green top, seamer friendly wicket.  The team, which had steamrolled the opposition up until the finals, were dismissed for nothing by the Windies bowlers.

And now, in the Asia Cup, for India's very first match against themselves, a green top was provided, and their side was packed with seamers.  Several commentators noted the unusual nature of the wicket for this match.

The Bangladeshis were waiting for an encore, perhaps.  The crowd was ready to bay for blood, and bring the roof down when their side won.

Only this time, India prevailed against them.  One can only be amazed at the disappointment writ large on the multitude of faces.

If ever you wanted to see partisanship in action, watch the Bangladeshi crowd in a cricket match.  When Virat Kohli was out, the ground probably shook because of the tumultuous celebration of the crowd.  Later, when their side was losing, almost the entire stadium had emptied.  Only a miniscule Indian supporters' group was active.

A wicket lost by their opposition is greeted with thunderous applause, whereas a boundary or a sixer is met with deathly silence.

I know it is only a game.  But one can discern deeper issues at play here.

Being one of our 'friendly' neighbours, there are two issues at play here: jealousy and hatred.

Yes, I am sticking my neck out and naming the underlying issues that make them behave the way they do against us.

Update (05/03/16):
Now that both us and them are in the finals, expect another green top, and their side packed with seamers.
Just saw a post on FB: they are at it again; one their bowlers holding Dhoni's severed head; anymore proof needed?

Update (07/03/16):
India win Asia Cup for the 6th time.  So who is holding whose head now?  Why do the Bangladeshi fans behave as though their side will win every game against every team?  This is the problem with ascribing so much of emotional investment and national pride with a game.  It would probably serve them better if they looked at other more important aspects, such as this and this.

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