Friday, 30 March 2018

Book release: Lake Amidst The Seas

Dear readers, the paperback and Kindle versions of #LakeAmidstTheSeas are released in India, US, UK, and elsewhere.

This work is a result of coming together of several individuals, ideas, case stories, and messages at the right time. 

This work is not about any one individual; neither the chief protagonist nor me the writer – we are merely conduits for conveying the message to you the reader. 

The main intention of putting this work out in the public domain is to disseminate its message of bravely standing up to arduous circumstances and growing through the ordeal to emerge stronger.  Cultivating resilience is a necessity with a universal relevance in today’s stressful existence. 

To encourage wide readership have tried our best to keep the cost to you the reader minimal (around Rs 200 including shipping charges of Indian paperback version, and Rs 100 of Indian Kindle version). 

Therefore, it is my fervent appeal that you buy the book, read it, and send me your valuable opinions/constructive criticisms/recommendations.  Please find the links below:

Other versions:

US paperback:

UK paperback:

Thank you all!

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