Sunday, 18 May 2014

Dynastic politics

So the 'chaiwala', the 'butcher of Gujurat', the 'disaster' has made it.

Incidentally all the above are nicknames given by his rivals, who have all bitten the dust in Elections 2014.

And it isn't a Modi wave, it is a Modi tsunami!

At the time of his announcement that he would 'hand over the baton' to another person, it was amusing that  the ex-PM said it would be a 'disaster' for the country if Modi became the PM.  Well, clearly the people do not think so, Mr Singh.  In any case, it is unlikely to be more disastrous than your term.  For a Dhritarashtra like figure, who said very little and did even less when your stooges were running riot with inventive scams, you did very well to occupy the post for a decade.  

It was also amusing to see Rahul Gandhi plaster a wide grin when he came with his mother to accept defeat - almost as if he was hiding the deep hurt within.  As a panelist in the news studio noted, it was appalling to see that neither of them had the decency to congratulate Modi by name - instead they wished the 'next government' well.  Sorry Congresswalas, they came across as sore losers.  And it would augur well if the dynastic rule in your party ends.  Shouldn't part of the responsibility also include stepping down when indicated?

Where the spokespersons of Congress now?  Digvijay, Sibal, Khurshid, Chidambaram, Tiwari, Soni, Chowdhary, et al?  How disillusioned are they with their leaders?

Speaking of other dynasties, Laloo and his family - wife and daughter - have also lost, and they are all eating humble fodder...err, pie.  Several other family operas have also gone awry.  Thank you people of India!  You finally seem to be realising that it's not family name that counts, but merit and skill.

May this new wave bring about the end of dynastic politics.  


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