Friday, 13 June 2014

Book review: Phantoms in the Brain

Phantoms in the Brain: Human Nature and the Architecture of the Mind
V S Ramachandran & Sandra Blakeslee
Fourth Estate 2006

Nothing is more complex and complicated than the human brain.  There are so many unchartered territories in this convoluted organ that we are just scraping the surface in terms of understanding it.  This book takes a huge leap forward in doing this.  It presents interesting facets of this organ, things that we did not even know could be possible.  Using his vast expertise and experience in this highly specialized area of neuroscience, Dr Ramachandran reveals some of the interesting secrets of this complex organ.  He brings out the details through several fascinating experiments and clinical scenarios.  Whether it is the brain's ability to cover for the loss of a limb, or the sensory distribution of a phantom limb in the brain area, or any other revelations, this is one book that everyone interested in neuroscience - students, scientists, academicians or lay - should read in their lifetime.  Highly recommended.

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