Thursday, 16 October 2014

Film review: Bang Bang!

Expectations!  They seem to be directly proportional to the eventual disappointment.
So it is with Bang Bang!

There was so much going for this!  And so little have they achieved with it!

The hype was unbelievable.  When the promos and songs first arrived on YouTube, record numbers watched them in no time.  Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif!  What chemistry, they said!  Full of action, they said!  Remake, but better than Knight and Day, they said!  If only!  If only they had remained faithful to the original story, script and screenplay, without indulging themselves too much.  In doing so, the story keeps going somewhat off-track; it makes sense only in parts – or because you have already seen Knight and Day.

The action scenes - surprisingly and disappointingly - are not slick.  They are not even convincing.  They are not a patch on the action scenes seen in Krrish 3 or Dhoom 3.   And that is a shame, because they had the towering presence of Hrithik Roshan going for them, and yet managed to rake up dud sequences. 

Predictably Katrina Kaif plays a Canadian settled in India – how many times will they justify her accent by making her an NRI?  She lives with her Dadi in an unrealistic setting in the north.  So do Hrithik’s parents – in a large country house, all by themselves, with no domestic help – in a place that is helpfully named Ghar Danny plays the predictable villain, and Javed Jaffrey, rather unpredictably, plays his side-kick who promptly gets bumped off in the middle.  However it was good to see Deepti Naval on screen again after a long gap, even though in a small role. 

 It was the songs that got us going.  And they are the saving grace of the film.  Them and Hrithik Roshan The songs are tailor-made for him, as he mesmerises you with effortless moves with his superbly toned body.  He has the reverse-Madhuri Dixit effect on the audiences.  When she used to dance, she easily overshadowed the leading man; now Hrithik is doing the same to his leading ladies.  You simply cannot take your eyes off him when he is…well, on a song!  He is simply the most well-rounded actor we have right now.

 The producer and director are lucky to have had a hit with this one.  And it is barely a hit, considering that at one stage, it was expected to cross 50 crores in the first week itself and over-all 300 crores.  It managed only 27.54 crores in the first week and is struggling to reach 180 crores in India as of now (source: 

 Watch it only for Hrithik! 

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