Friday, 10 July 2015

Tonsured wisdom

A Bangladeshi daily called Prothom Aloo - sorry, couldn't resist that one - has caricatured Indian cricketers by showing them with half-tonsured heads, while their bowler Mustafizur Rehman holds a barber's knife to indicate how well he bowled his off-cutters.

All this after he was coached by an Indian bowler, Ranadeb Bose.    

While all this can be dismissed as nothing more than an immature brat's brazen self-indulgence, it is also symptomatic, I reckon, of the deep-rooted hatred that the eastern neighbours possess towards us.    
This fact keeps re-asserting itself and surfaces time and again.  In the world cup game, another of their cricketers, Rubel had to be restrained by his teammates; otherwise he would have ended up assaulting Kohli, by the looks of it.  

In the same world cup, the entire population of Bangladesh, including the leader of the country, believed that they had been cheated of a win against India, and poured out their vitriol on message boards.  

Even in the recent series, Sudhir Chaudhary - the Indian fan who paints himself in the tri-colours and is seen in every match - was harassed by Bangladeshi fans as he exited the stadium.  

It is also highly mature, I think, of both the BCCI and the players themselves to have not taken up the issue with the daily.  There was a serious case for suing the paper here.  

No, we are not going to whine and stoop to their level with a tit for tat response.  Somebody said it right; the best way to answer is on the cricketing field.  

The scribes behind this distasteful idea as well as the people of Bangladesh should understand that this is only a game of cricket.  There are far more serious issues due to which they might have to consider shaving their own heads in shame.

Perhaps they can begin by taking back all the millions of illegal immigrants who have found to need to desert their country and seek refuge in India.

Maybe they can protect the rights of the Hindu minorities in their own country, many of whom have been ostracised and persecuted over the years.

Or how about ensuring freedom of speech by making sure none of the progressive bloggers are hacked to death openly on the streets?

So grow up, if you can, and get a life.

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