Saturday, 28 May 2016

Film review: The Angry Birds Movie

Okay, we all know what this is about.  Almost all of us has pulled the slingshot with an angry bird in it to target the pigs and their precarious skyscrapers.  

Therefore it is but obvious that one should be curious to find out just what got the birds so fired up.  

Why did these flightless birds get their knickers in a twist - in a manner of speaking, because they don't wear any!  

What are the green pigs after?  

What is the reason for the angry birds to hurl themselves as slingshots at the pigs' empire?  

What brings about this transformation from egg-rearing to self-hurling in the inhabitants of the peaceful bird island? 

If you - like millions of bird sympathizers - have always been troubled by these birdy existential questions, then you will find your answers in this movie.

I am not going to play spoilsport and reveal the plot fully.  Here it is, in an eggshell...err nutshell.  

The red, yellow and black birds meet each other - where else, in an anger management class!  

Of course they never get over their angry selves, which is just as well, because they are called upon to channelize their anger towards the egg-stealing pigs.  

This is also the story of the hero of the franchise - Red, the one with the bushy eyebrows - who evolves from being the most hated bird on the island to the most adored one.  

Now about the picturization.  It is, overall, very satisfactory.  

The birds, pigs, the island, the pigs' ship, and their wobbly castles have all been endearingly recreated, reminiscent of the game itself.  

The baby birdies are of course, high on the cuteness factor, and the pigs - who first appear midway through the film - receive whistles from the audience even though they are the villains of the piece. 

But the maximum applause is reserved for the slingshot sequence; which is but natural, for that is the reason we have fallen in love with the game version in the first place.  

The sequences are shown from both ends of the slingshot - perhaps to enhance the 3-D effect; and even though the birds hit a few castles, we don't get to see the castles crumbling down upon each other as much as we like to.  

If only there was a side-on view showing the birds being hurled in a trajectory and the turrets falling down, just as in the game version!  That would have had us hurling popcorn at each other in the seats!

That apart, it is fun time throughout.  

I asked my daughter what she liked about the movie.  Her answer - considering her pillow cover is Angry Birds themed - was unsurprising: 'EVERYTHING!'

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