Friday, 30 March 2018

Book release: Lake Amidst The Seas

Dear readers, the paperback and Kindle versions of #LakeAmidstTheSeas are released in India, US, UK, and elsewhere.

This work is a result of coming together of several individuals, ideas, case stories, and messages at the right time. 

This work is not about any one individual; neither the chief protagonist nor me the writer – we are merely conduits for conveying the message to you the reader. 

The main intention of putting this work out in the public domain is to disseminate its message of bravely standing up to arduous circumstances and growing through the ordeal to emerge stronger.  Cultivating resilience is a necessity with a universal relevance in today’s stressful existence. 

To encourage wide readership have tried our best to keep the cost to you the reader minimal (around Rs 200 including shipping charges of Indian paperback version, and Rs 100 of Indian Kindle version). 

Therefore, it is my fervent appeal that you buy the book, read it, and send me your valuable opinions/constructive criticisms/recommendations.  Please find the links below:

Other versions:

US paperback:

UK paperback:

Thank you all!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

The scion and the bootlickers

A few days ago, an acquaintance of mine who had met the scion in person during a college event posted on FB as follows: 'The scion is not as dumb as the media are making him out to be.  It is all due to halo and horn effects (the influence created in one area affecting our opinions in other areas).'

Sorry, beg to differ...  Regardless of whether the scion has holes or rods stuck on his head, the fact remains that he does not deserve the position that he is occupying today.

He is only there because he happens to be somebody's son, since he belongs to a certain family, since his family has usurped the Mahatma's surname with no genealogical basis for it.  I have previously written about he wrongness of nepotism

Be that as it may, what about the part-members, that is the lesser mortals who do not belong to the dynasty, or the bootlickers as one might address them...

If you think about it rationally, you will realise it is beyond the pale...

Even though the national elections are a year away, the party members have declared that nothing and nobody can stop the scion from becoming the prime minister.

As though prime ministership is his father's ancestral property that needs to be handed down to the scion like a piece of family furniture.

The last time I checked, we still lived in a democratic setup.  We don't want dynasties, or just plain nasties that the members of the grand-old-party have now become.

Here's the thing about the party: there is nothing grand about it anymore; it is old, but also well on its way to becoming defunct.

The only function of the party appears to be to foil the plans of the ruling government of the day, disrupt parliamentary proceedings, employ Machiavellian tactics to undermine honest efforts of the existing prime minister, put the scion and his mother on a high pedestal, and try their damnedest best to make sure the undeserving scion somehow assumes the office of prime minister one day.

It appears that they would go to any unscrupulous extent to make sure that the manga (monkey) gets the manikya (gem).  

How in the whole wide world, erudite, intellectual men and women members of the party tow this dynastic line and pander to the needs of the scion and his mother, is beyond imagination.  This, I am afraid, makes them nothing more than dynastic bootlickers.  

It is time to act.  It is time for us, we the people, to decide what sort of government should decide on the affairs of the country.  A hardworking, honest team of ministers elected by the people of the country based on their abilities, or a party that wants to enshrine one family name, and would go to any extent to make sure that the dynasty continues to hog the national limelight.

Unless of course, we are saying that we would like to live in Great Britain type of aristocratic setup, wherein the queen is the head of the state, and one has to swear allegiance to her to remain a citizen of the country.

Sorry, I don't know about you, but I have a problem swearing allegiance to any one individual in the place of the country, no matter who that individual is.  We are headed for a similar fate if we do not root out this dynasty.   

As for the ordinary, non-political people who find faults with the existing prime minister for no reason, they seem to be motivated by certain ulterior reasons.  Perhaps they have something to gain by keeping the dynasty at the helm.  Or, there are likely religious reasons for the hatred that they possess towards an honest, hardworking prime minister who is trying so hard to bring about positive changes in the society.  

In the interests of Truth, Dharma, and the Nation, it is time that we threw out the party, its bootlicking members, and most of all the pseudo-surname holders: the good-for-nothing, dumb-as-doorknob scion and his mother once and for all from the political scene of the country.