Sunday, 23 September 2018

The coco-nutty professor

A Harvard professor has gone on record declaring coconut oil to be "pure poison."  

That's it for you Keralites.... you have been consuming poison all these thousands of years!  Now that the good professor has declared it, you will soon be extinct.

Apparently professor's nutty video has gone viral... it might as well have gone bacterial.

For it is typical of the toxicity and condescending attitude western academicians have towards all things eastern.  This stems from a deep level of ignorance of the frogs in the western well for whom there isn't anything worth considering outside of their own narrow well.

Even if coconut oil were to be rich in saturated oil, to declare it to be pure poisonous is... well, rich, coming from the society that loves its Coca Colas, Pepsis, McDonald's and KFCs. 

Sugar is poisonous.  So is alcohol.  So is smoking.

Driving is hazardous.  So is flying.

Eating meat is unethical and unhealthy.

Yet people go about merrily indulging in all these on a daily basis.

In India, it is inconceivable to imagine life without the coconut tree and its many products featuring prominently in daily affairs.  

From cooking to hair oil to rope making to fuel to religious rituals to even carrying you on your last journey to the crematorium, the ubiquitous coconut tree is as useful, versatile and sacred as the cow.

Coconut oil has more fat than lard, the professor says.  But we haven't yet arrived at the most perfect health-friendly food suitable for the entire population... research is ongoing. 

You can't gulp down bottles of olive oil just because it has more PUFA.  Oil is oil.  Use it sparingly and judiciously.  Whether it is sunflower, safflower, olive, canola, groundnut or coconut oil.

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