Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Being inhuman

Recently we have seen two occurrences which show us in a poor light as a people.  

One of course, is idol worship.  Blind idol worship; the kind that makes you lose your sense of reasoning.  Idolatry at its worst.

Now before I sound like a missionary, let me clarify.  

I am talking here about the superstar and his fans.  No prizes for guessing which one.

When he was sentenced, they came out in hordes to support him.  'We are with you' they said, regardless of what he had done.  

Then when he was granted bail, they rejoiced.  So much so that he had to tell one of them off for climbing dangerously high on to a vantage point to see him - or so it seemed from TV reports.  

Cut to the southern state and its sycophants.  

When she was jailed, people wept.  They beat their chests.  Injustice, they lamented.  

When she had to step down as CM, the stop-gap man cried while taking oath.  So did the rest of the ministers.  It was as though they were swearing allegiance to her and her principles, and not to the constitution.  

Whatever the legal shortcomings in these two cases, they have served to expose our ailments as a society.  

Blind hero worship - where fans believe that their favourite hero could do no wrong, and that he is above law.  The gap between the on-screen persona and true life personality seems to be non-existent in our country.  

And sycophancy - where obsequiousness rules roost.  It is worth noting that the lady in question also had an on-screen persona once.  

Humanity, law & justice, democracy, human rights, impartiality.  What the hell are all those?

To put it shortly, there is probably no better term than Being Inhuman.

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